LeBron James Reveals The City He Hates To Play In The Most And The Reason Why Won’t Shock You

July 18, 2022 by No Comments

In the latest episode of  LeBron  hit HBO show, “UNINTERRUPTED The Shop,” the NBA legend is joined by Academy Award winning actor Daniel Kaluuya.

Manchester United (Premier League) soccer star Marcus Rashford, artist Rashid Johnson, CMO of SpringHill Company Paul Rivera, and CEO of SpringHill Company Maverick Carter.

 Like most episodes, the show features real talk about the biggest issues in sports, music and culture.

While this particular episode sparked conversation on a number of topics including Black art, the path to winning, and teamwork, two topics that stood out include the situation surrounding WNBA star Brittney Griner’s ar’re’st in Russia (in which the gentleman agree she is the “LeBron” of the WNBA) and how James really feels about playing in the city he hates the most.

As for Griner, James says, “She’s such a great human being, a great person. Obviously, I’ve been in her presence a few times. You always feel like, if you from a certain place, you always feel like they got your back. In a sense, now, how can she feel like America has her back?”

He goes to wonder if Griner will even want to return to the U.S., stating that he is hoping he can get even more support with the hopes of having the charges dropped and bringing her back home.

James also dropped dimes on the city that he hates playing in the most and when asked the question, he coyly answers, “Boston” and when asked why, James swiftly replied, “because they racst as fk.”

James explained that while he has been dealing with this his whole life and admits “I don’t mind it” it clearly touches a nerve. He reveals there have been times where he has had beer thrown at him, spotted shirts that read “Fk LBJ” and sly comments that have been made to him directly during the game.


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