Is Lori Harvey pregnant? Posted Video With App’arent Sonogram In Background

July 25, 2022 by No Comments

Lori Harvey might be preg(nant with rapper Future‘s child! The 23-year-old model took to her Instagram Stories on April 4 to post a video of her TV, which was displaying T-Pain and Lil Jon‘s Instagram Live session. It didn’t take long for fans to notice a sonogram sitting atop the white cabinetry under the TV.

“Nahhh it’s lit,” she captioned the clip, which also showed her dancing along to the rap battle in a black sweater and white surgical face mask. Future is believed to have as many as 10 children with eight different women, including Ciara, with whom he shares five-year-old Future Zahir.

Although Lori, the step-daughter of TV icon Steve Harvey, and Future seem to be going strong, there’s a good chance the sonogram actually belonged to her sister Morgan Hawthorn. Morgan recently announced that she and her hubby DJ Bruckup were expecting another baby.

The pair, who already welcomed their first child Elle, announced the happy news on March 4. Lori’s Instagram stories from earlier in the day also indicate that she was hanging out with her sis and adorable, five-year-old niece.

Lori recently posted clips of herself dancing to Future’s lyrics about being called “daddy”. While on vacation in the Bahamas with her friends, the 36-year-old rapper joined her in spirit. The model posted a mirror video to her Instagram Story, and the song playing in the background sounded awfully familiar.

It was Future’s sexy hit “Life Is Good (Remix)”, which features some interesting lyrics. In the song, Future raps, “And she call me daddy cause my money long like Stevie”. Fans are convinced that Lori’s suggesting that she calls Future “daddy” in her video.

The rapper whisked his much-younger girlfriend away to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, just weeks after the relationship ru’mors started. From there, they took a glamorous trip to Lagos, Nigeria, where he performed on December 29. Future even reportedly gifted his lady with a diamond Rolex for their Christmas together. Just days later, the couple spent New Year’s Eve together in Las Vegas.

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