R kelly’s sister sh0cking remark on his arr*est due to his BLACK color Says He Was…

July 29, 2022 by No Comments

R. Kelly’s sisters are not pleased with the 30-year prison sentence he received in June for racketeering and se*x trafficking, and say racism is the reason. The trio (Cassandra, Theresa, and Lisa Kelly) sat down with Good Morning Britain to defend the R&B singer, stating he did nothing wrong and wouldn’t have a reason to.

“African Americans have always been treated unfairly,” Cassandra said. “So I think that, that has a lot to do with it as well as other factors.” Kelly’s sister, Lisa, says he’s been with younger women “but as far as underage gir’ls, no. And I stress g]irls — underage gi[rls, who has seen that?”

She wouldn’t acknowledge the vi’ctims of her brother’s abu0se, going on to say, “I’m not gonna acknowledge something that I don’t have proof of.” “If there is a vi-ctim, I’ll acknowledge. But from what I’ve seen in court and from what I’ve studied and from what I’ve read the only vict-im I see that’s been stolen from, lied on is Robert.”

Earlier this month, Kelly was transferred from a federal Brooklyn jail back to Chicago ahead of his child pornography trial and obstruction-of-justice charges. This comes two weeks after the fall-from-grace singer received his 30-year sentence in June.

Kelly, 55, was convicted in 2021 on charges that he se(xually abu(sed young fans, and children, and prosecutors argued that the alleged systematic scheme went on for decades. Jury selection for the federal trial in Chicago is set to commence on August 15.

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