Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Take a Huge Step Online Ahead of Their Big Wedding

July 28, 2022 by No Comments

When two people fall in love with each other, they become the world for each other. Currently, Simone Biles’ love life is at its peak. It looks like falling in love with Jonathan Owens is her best decision.

Simone is living her best life with Jonathan Owens in Houston Texans. It has been two years since they started dating. Now their blooming love for each other is moving towards marriage. The two love birds met on the dating app called Raya. It has been two years, and they live in Texas with their cute little puppies, Lilo and Rambo Lies.

In February, when Owens proposed to her, she gave Owens the title of ‘soon to be hubby.’ And now Simone and Jonathan have mentioned each other in their Instagram Bio. Simone and Owens are not afraid to be in public with each other like any other celebrity couple. Simone wrote in her bio, “Fiance @jowens_3, Olympic Gold Medalist, Margarita & Mimosa lover, Dog Mom to 3 bulldogs, Huston, tx.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Owens wrote in his bio, “Just a kid from St. Louis, @Simonebiles (heart and ring emoji), Houston Texans #36, Undrafted, #D2product (dog emoji) @zeusthebulldog36.”

A few days back, Owens took Simone on a date on a romantic helicopter trip over the city of Houston. Which left their fans in awe. They have shared many pictures, showing how deeply in love they are. They support each other while wearing their name’s t-shirts.

A few days ago, an interview with Keith Garvin questioned her about wedding planning. Biles replied, “We have the dresses, the venue, and the date. We also have a wedding planner. We know the colors and the theme. We’re about to start working on bridesmaid dresses and his groomsmen, tuxes, or suits for Jonathan. We are ahead; we just sent our save the dates too. It’s for the people to give heads up. We got super cute magnets.”

Biles continued, “We are also working on a wedding website. So we are in a good time frame; I’d say we’re ahead of it. And I’m very like organized like that though.” Simone has not revealed the date of her wedding. And when they shared the wedding card of their marriage, they hid the date of it.

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