Texas Family Of Six Dines At North Carolina Waffle House, Then Robbed Restaurant Like This

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Texas family of six.

In an armed robbery at a Waffle House on July 11, three individuals have been arr’e’sted, who are identified as Tamiko Lashun Jones and Tony Eugene Lemon, both of Marshall, Texas, and Diamond Walton, who is from Longview, Texas.

The Hillsborough police announced the a’rre’st of the suspects on Wednesday, July 13, saying they received the assistance from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshals Service.

And now, each of the three sus’pe’cts have been charged with robbery with a da’nge’rous w’ea’p’on, conspiracy to commit ar’med ro’bbery and def’rau’ding an in’nkeeper.

Prior to the ar’re’st, Hillsborough Police Department shared a release stating that, “Officers from the Hillsborough Police Department responded at about 1.55 pm July 11 to Waffle House, 110 Daniel Boone St Witnesses reported that after ordering food, one of the three su’sp’ects presented a fi’r’ear’m and dem’anded an employee give him the cash from the register drawer. Once the employee complied, the three s’usp’ec’ts fled in two separate vehicles.”

Sharing more details about the robbery, the release further read, “One vehicle was described as a silver sedan. The other vehicle was described as a burgundy Ford F-150 with Texas plates.

Both vehicles were last seen traveling on Interstate 85 north. The suspects were described as one Blac’k male and two Black females.” Police also stated that both of the vehicles were last seen traveling northbound on Interstate 85 — which has on-ramps just a block away from Daniel Boone Street before they caught the acc’us’ed.

Details of robbery

As per the reports by NY Post, police officials said the suspects belonged to a family of six who entered the Waffle House in Shelby, North Carolina for a meal before proceeding with the robbery.

Then, he fled to the Daniel Boone Shell Service Center next door. After this, the three accused left the scene in two different cars, a burgundy Ford F-150 truck with Texas plates, and a newer model silver Ford Fusion sedan, also with Texas plates, after being given the cash, said the witnesses.

Waffle House robbery took place, and that they could be pressed with additional charges post this case. They are scheduled to make their first appearance in an Orange County courtroom on July 26.


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