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A Black woman in Park Forest, Illinois, is demanding char:ges be filed against the white driver who sh”ot her six times after a road ra’ge enc9ounter.

Aaliyah Ivory, 24, was on her way to Chicago to h-ang out with friends just before 2 p.m. on Saturday when she encou’ntered an enr’aged white man who was up’set that she cut him off on the I-57, WGN-TV reports. After merg’ing onto I-57 northbound from Lincoln Highway near Matteson, Ivory was con’fronted by a white man who fired sho’ts into her car.

“He wouldn’t let her over, so he tried to pu’sh her off the side of the road,” Ivory’s family said. “She c’ut him back off; he p’ulled up on the side of her, called her a ra*cist name.”

“SHE CALLED HIM A NAME BACK — HE GOT BEHIND HER, NEXT THING YOU KNOW BU(LLETS STARTED TO SHO’OT.” Ivory was able to pull over, and witne]sses rushed to her aid. She was rushed to the hos9pital in criti0cal condition. CBS News reports that Illinois State Po0lice did a]rrest the alle[ged sho]oter, but a detec[tive later told the family the man claimed he feared for his life, so he was released without fa]cing any ch[arges.

Ivory’s sister, Ashlee Johnson, said she did have a conc]ealed carry pe;rmit, but she never touched her we;apon. “HOW DID HE FE]AR FOR HIS LIFE?” SHE SAID. “I NEVER DREW MY GU]N. I NEVER GAVE HIM NO REASON TO SH]OOT ME – AND THEN YOU SHO[OT ME SIX TIMES.”

“My sister is concealed to carry,” Johnson added. “She does have a we]apon, but she never drew her weap;on; never shot her wea]pon. Her weap0on was never taken off safety.”

Illinois po(lice remain silent on the sho0ot0ing, and the gu;nman still hasn’t faced any ch-arges. “All of the sho]ts were in the back of her car,” Johnson said. “Be held accountable for the things that you do.”

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