Wendy Williams Gets Candid On Future Plans In Her Love Life: “I Want To F*ck”

July 16, 2022 by No Comments

After a now-viral Wendy Williams interview surfaced that had many seriously questioning her current state of health, it now appears the media maven is slowly getting back to the queen of unfiltered honesty that we’ve come to love her as over the past decade-and-a-half on daytime television.

Williams recently spoke with New York Post correspondent Asia Grace for a very candid video interview that covered her rumored podcast plans, what went wrong with the Wendy Show finale and, quite frankly, her desire to get back out there on the hookup scene.

Much like our fellow over-50-and-freaky sister A.J. Johnson, 57-year-old Williams is fully embracing her sexuality now that she’s free to make her own decisions moving forward. “I want to f*ck,” Wendy exclaimed to The Post without even blushing, elaborating on her carnal demands by adding, “A lot of girls at 57 don’t care about f*cking. Excuse me?! I’m gorgeous — can I f*ck?” Her explicit declaration was preempted by the fact that she also says she wants to ultimately fall in love, so don’t go thinking Wendy’s just out here bumping uglies for sport.

Williams’ love life hasn’t been in the headlines much ever since her highly-publicized divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter following the revelation of both a mistress and surprise baby. Many believed Wendy was dating jeweler William Selby back in early 2020, but she was quick to shut those rumors down on the actual show.

You can watch Wendy Williams’ much better interview with The New York Post below, where she also reveals the real-life reaction she had to that Wendy-less finale episode — one word: “Ugh!”

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