Wendy Williams Reportedly Estranged From Her Son

July 29, 2022 by No Comments

As fans wait to see what’s possibly next for Wendy Williams since the cancelation of her longtime daytime talk show, rumors about her not being in the best mental and physical health continue to run rampant. Now, Williams’ alleged health problems are said to be severely impacting her relationship with her young adult son. Williams’ brother claimed in a recent video that she refused to see her son on her birthday.

Williams celebrated her 58th birthday on July 18. She reportedly celebrated at her NYC apartment. According to Willams’ brother Tommy, her son Kevin Jr. surprised her at her home, but she refused to let him into her penthouse apartment, leaving him stranded outside.

“Her son is up there to spend what could be monumental time with his mother, that is if she opens the door,” he said in an Instagram live of Kevin Jr., The Sun reports. “My nephew is trying to get in there now to see his mother. He was with me yesterday, we talked about the trip. We smiled & laughed. First thing this morning- first flight taken out. Going up there & excited. I was excited for him. He landed safely, reached out, great. And now the moment of truth- as beckons to see his mother at the pearly gates- to see Wendy…She is not our celebrity. She’s not the family celebrity. She’s a member, and she has her son out there like he’s the paparazzi.”

Earlier in the live, Tommy hinted at believing that his sister is being kept away from her family, even her son. “It should be a great time, a great time for family, a great time for her son, but it’s not. It’s a great time for everybody inside of Wendy’s head,” he explained. “And I don’t know who those people are. It could just be a cloud of people inside of her head that aren’t people if you could figure that out.”

Williams’ rep denied Tommy’s account in a statement. “Wendy privately enjoyed her birthday with her friends and family, including a surprise visit from her son. The celebrations included him,” her manager Will Selby said.

Tommy previously denied reports that his sister is mentally unstable, but his recent Instagram video contradicts that. According to her former show producer Norman Baker, rumors about Williams’ mental health being on the decline are true.

In an interview on Carlos King’s Reality With the King podcast, Baker said: “Obviously, she’s not in the best of health. It is what it is. Actually, that’s the saddest part about it – is that she’s not in the best fighting form because she’s the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). And I remember – you can give her one name, you can just say ‘Kenya Moore,’ and she can just talk for 20 minutes about Kenya Moore, unprompted. So that’s the sad part, and the part I’m still kind of grieving.”

If Tommy’s account of Williams and her son not being on the best of terms are true, this reportedly wouldn’t be the first time. Amid Williams’ alleged substance abuse relapse in 2020, reports surfaced that Kevin Jr. gave his mother an ultimatum: sober up or lose him. It was reportedly a wake-up call for Williams.

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